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About the Legal English Bookshop

The Online Legal English Bookshop (Trade Mark ‘Legal Fox’) is dedicated to producing quality English language study materials for law students and lawyers who do not have English as a first language. Our mission is to offer you practical, modern and useful legal English study materials that will help you in your career in law.

We are the online bookshop for Cambridge Law Studio, Cambridge, which offers English language study materials and examinations in legal English. We were established at our current base in Girton College, University of Cambridge in 2000 and our organisation is a member of the International Division of the Law Society of England and Wales. We have many leading law firms, international companies and educational establishments as clients.

Our writers all teach legal professionals at our school in Cambridge. We consulted lawyers attending courses at our Cambridge teaching centre and commercial law firms in London before we produced the study materials available on this site. Law firms tell us that they are looking for employees who can use English confidently and accurately. The most important English language skills an international lawyer can offer to a law firm are accuracy in grammar, a good legal vocabulary, negotiating skills and the ability to understand and draft contracts. We always ask commercial law firms what they require before we write our study materials.

Legal Fox is our trademark and it was chosen by our director, Catherine. Catherine teaches legal English in Cambridge and writes a lot of study materials for international lawyers. She chose the name ‘fox’ simply because she has a painting in her writing room called ‘The Fox’, by German artist Franz Marc.

We are based in England. Our email address is info@toles.co.uk. Our telephone number is 0044(0)1914920404. We always welcomes ideas and suggestions from law students, lawyers and teachers of legal English. If you have any feedback to give us we would be delighted to hear from you.

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